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How many “I” does it live in every one? “How do I see myself?” “How do the others see myself?” From these common thoughts is born iioo project, which has already involved hundreds of people since June 2013. The infinite multiplicity is represented by the duality moving vital tensions, daily regenerating and recomposing. This happens for humans as well as for the universe in its every microscopic and macroscopic revelation. If the beauty lies in the diversity, so the beauty lies in every one; iioproject doesn’t propose an ideal of classical beauty, of aesthetic beauty. It’s a ritual which aims to look at ourselves through other eyes, to know better ourselves and to reveal our other natures. It’s a ritual where the beauty lies in our essence, in our curiosity, in the discovery. The duality, the face and the symmetry are all elements of a wide, dynamic and timeless dialogue. At the beginning of 2015, after one year and a half working on iiooproject, the duality becomes a research language for the perception and the auto-perception. By dividing the visage unity in its intrinsic duality, the emotional tension appears and shapes clearly. After two years, iioo project got the goal of 700 portraits, represented by 1400 "masks". In a way, the project is starting now...the best has yet to come...

Andrea Enda Riboni


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Francesco Oliverio, Paola Baronchelli, Andrea Parisi, Elisa Boldori, Paolo Bodini, Chunck Collective (Torino), Luca Garofalo, Michele Riboni, Michele Giardullo, Teresa La Gala, Agostino Ghiringhelli, Flavia Vighini, Bustling Town (Cremona), Caterina Faverzani, Damiana Melasecca, Miriam Brindisi, Daria Di Tullio, Alessandro Apuzzo, Martina Saraceni, Daniele Bartoccini, Rinaldo Capomolla, Guido Ruggeri, Matteo Dembech, Luca Garofalo

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